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Government & Military LogisticS

Virginia Transport has proudly been supporting the War Fighter Effort through its Government Logistics Operations as a small business/HUBZone carrier. Virginia Transport is an authorized carrier for US TRASCOM, Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as well as other Government and State agencies. Additionally, VT assists with movement outside the continental U.S. (OCONUS). With the required security clearances VT has the ability to schedule its own appointments on all military bases as well as DLA distribution centers across the country.  VT uses its extensive carrier group along with a national carrier base of over 40,000 trucks to facilitate DoD freight.

Virginia Transport contracts directly with the DOD, DOE, ATF, and other government agencies. As a small business/HUBZone carrier VT subcontracts with many prolific defense contractors to assist in managing their transportation needs associated with their Government prime contracts.

Notable Virginia Transport Prime Contracts: 
  • ATF – NRT Truck Delivery Contract 3 years running (most recent award DJA-21-AFIA-PR-0430)

  • DOE- Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos Laboratories   (LLNL, LANL,KCNC)(DE-AC52-07NA27344)


Notable Subcontracts with Government Prime Contractors: 
  • USTRANSCOM DFTS Contract- Prime Contractor Crowley Government Services  ( HTC711-15-R-R003)

  • SEDS TSA Contract-Prime Contractor Raytheon Technologies (TSASEDSTSA25-04-03883)

  • Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC)


Other Notable Prime Contractors Virginia Transport Services:
  • Northrup Grumman

  • L3Harris

  • Huntington Ingalls

  • General Dynamics

  • Textron/Bell

  • Patriot3

  • Maytag Aircraft

  • Mack Defense

  • Austal USA

  • Hensel Phelps

  • Cashman Dredging

  • SeaCube


Available Equipment:
  • Van, Flatbed, Step deck, RGN, Multi Axel as well as specialized equipment for super over dimensional equipment.

  • Temperature Controlled

  • Air Ride

  • Inter-Modal and Air-Freight services.

  • GPS tracking on all trucks

  • Transportation Protective Services

  • Permitting, Routing, Crating and Warehousing

Fuel Transportation & Procurement

Virginia Transport works directly with the US Department of Defense through DLA Energy to procure a variety of grade of refined petroleum products and transport to military and other ancillary government facilities in the continental United States.  


Military Transportation: 

Through Virginia Transports vast bulk carrier network, VT actively bids on and moves fuels for the Bulk and Post, Camps and Stations (PCS) FOB Origin solicitations.  In moving 100’s of trucks worth of Jet Fuel every month, VT is proud to support the US Warfighter all across the United States.  VT works directly with government and military contacts to provide the needed fuels support on a regular and special need basis. 


Military Procurement: 

Virginia Transport actively participates in the Post, Camps and Stations DLA Energy FOB Destination solicitation program.  Through refinery and other fuel trading relationships, VT is available to purchase military grade jet fuel and other petroleum products for resale and delivery to the US Warfighter throughout the United States.  


Private Sector Transportation and Procurement: 

Virginia Transport has used our government procurement and delivery model to expand our fuel service to the private sector.  VT transports all kinds of refined and base products for use in many different commercial industries.  We provide short and long haul solutions to a variety of industry leaders throughout the country.  As we have developed refinery and carrier relationship through our government business, we are expanding to look at large and small private sector procurement opportunities. 


Through our freight business we have established a strong relationship with Crowley Government Services.  CGS provides logistics and supply for government and private fuel needs across the globe.  Our partnership enables VT to work directly with CGS to provide competitive pricing and logistic services for large procurement opportunities around the world. 


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Transportation Origins

  • Lazarus Energy, Nixon TX

  • Nustar Energy, Selby, CA

  • DFPS, Point Loma, CA 

  • Kinder Morgan, Carson, CA

  • Magellan, Houston TX

  • Magellan, Olathe KS

  • Magellan, Omaha NB

  • DFSP, Charleston SC

  • Nustar Energy, Vancouver WA

  • Calumet Refinery, Great Falls MT

  • IMTT Terminal, Alamogordo NM

  • Delek Refinery, Tyler TX

Notable Energy Clients & Accounts

  • DLA Energy

  • Posts, Camps and Stations Destination OTA Solicitations

  • US Air National Guard

  • US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines

  • Wyoming Refining Company

  • Exxon Mobile

  • Crowley Government Services

  • Delek Refinery

  • Lazarus Energy

Military Destinations Served

  • Rapid City AASF, SD

  • Bismarck AASF, ND

  • Camp Pendleton, CA

  • Beale AFB, CA

  • Travis AFB, CA

  • NAS Corpus Christie, TX

  • Randolph and Lackland AFB, TX

  • Laughlin AFB. TX

  • FT Hood Army Base, TX

  • China Lake Navy Weapons Center, CA

  • NAS Point Magu, CA

  • Whiteman, AFB

  • Montana ANG, MT

  • Portland, ANG, OR

  • CGAS San Diego, CA

  • Altus AFB, OK

  • Lincoln ANG, NE

  • Offut AFB, NE

  • Lockheed Martin-Ft Worth, TX

  • Tonopah Test Range, NV

  • Hunter Army AF, GA

  • Ft Stewart, GA



Virginia Transport is a full-service freight and fuel broker.  While our core business is working with Government contracts as a prime or sub-contractor, our services extend well into the private sector.  Through our preferred carrier group, VT is available to arrange for any and all commercial, non-government transportation needs.   Currently Virginia Transport moves freight and bulk liquids for food and beverage companies, construction companies, electronics manufacturers and distributors, power companies and more.  VT offers door to door service utilizing dry vans, flat beds, temperature-controlled vans, oversize/over dimensional, box trucks, sprinter vans and bulk single and multi-container trailers. 


With Virginia Transport, commercial entities have come to rely on all facets of their transportation needs to be met with on time with GPS tracking, impeccable customer service and 24/7 attention to detail.  Virginia Transport brings the same reliable service that is required when supporting our war fighters to the private sector.


Private Sector Industries Serviced: 
  • Construction Companies

    • Materials

    • Equipment deployment

    • Oversized/over dimensional

    • Permitting and Routing

    • Power Only

  • Food and Beverage Industry

    • Climate Control

    • Bulk Liquids

  • Electronic Companies

    • Fragile 

    • Temperature Control

    • Multi-stop

  • Fuel Refineries and distributors

    • Bulk single and multi-compartment trailers

    • Lube oils, crudes, refined products, etc.

    • Packaged goods 

  • Power Generation Companies

    • High Asset value moves

    • Upgraded insurance available

    • Fragile/specialty transport